Object Tracking Overview

A. Survey

There are some important surveys on the object tracking:
– Object Tracking: A Survey 2006
Alper Yilmaz, Omar Javed, Mubarak Shah
– A Review of Visual Tracking 2008
Kevin Cannons
– Recent advances and trends in visual tracking: A review 2011
Hanxuan Yang, Ling Shao , Feng Zheng , Liang Wang , Zhan Song
– A Survey of Appearance Models in Visual Object Tracking 2013
Xi Li , Weiming Hu , Chunhua Shen , Zhongfei Zhang , Anthony Dick , Anton van den Hengel
– Visual Tracking: an Experimental Survey 2013
Smeulders, A., D. Chu, Rita Cucchiara, Simone Calderara, Afshin Dehghan, and Mubarak Shah

B. Recent methods comparisons and results

The recent object tracking methods are presented and compared in the following paper and together with some databases are available at:
– Online Object Tracking: A Benchmark 2013
Yi Wu and Jongwoo Lim and Ming-Hsuan Yang

There is a new workshop “VOT challenge” (inspired by VOC challenge) in ICCV conference that aim to practically compare the state of the art tracking methods. The website for this is: http://votchallenge.net
The results for VOT 2013 are available at the following papers:
– The Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 challenge results
Kristan, Matej, et al
– The VOT2013 challenge: overview and additional results
Fernandez, G., and T. Vojir

C. Code and software

Some object tracking codes are available here:
Also for recent methods you can go to http://www.cvpapers.com/index.html
Important conferences related to computer vision are listed there.  Some code and data are also available. Just search the “object tracking” term.

D. Book

There are two related books:
– Video tracking: theory and practice 2011
Emilio Maggio and Andrea Cavallaro
– Fundamentals of object tracking 2011
Sudha Challa